what do we do?

Beatpixels Ltd is a company specialising in bespoke products for the AV and entertainment industries.

When a client comes to us with a challenge, we see it as a chance to solve a problem. Our mission is to offer our clients only the best products and service, irrespective of the industry.

We are here for you!

We couldn't come up with any other corporate taglines to lure you in so that'll have to do.
UpState Sensor

UpState is here!

Following their second patent application in 4 months Beatpixels launched its ‘UpState’ service 14.5.2014 at the NEC Showcase in Stratford.

UpState is an independent Proof of Operation monitoring service for flat panel or projection displays via a combination of a sensor and a microcontroller.  The unit can monitor and analyse what is actually on the display via the sensor and communication system rather than the traditional method of monitoring the output of a media player.  With the addition of a marker being applied to the content ‘UpState’ will produce a number of accurate Proof of Playout reports based on what has been shown on the display.
Bespoke AV Products

Bespoke AV Products

Proof of concept, rapid prototyping, finished product or full-scale production, we want to hear your needs. Bespoke is what we do best.

Whether you need a one-off design for an event or a small-scale prototype for showing your clients what can be done with AV, we believe our experienced team can help!
Software Development

Software Development

Yes, we understand what for-loop, recursive functions and pointers mean. We are not ashamed to admit that we are also bit geeky.

Being bit geeky means that we can offer you bespoke software products for your project. We can even build entire systems like our very own, in-house developed, dimension+.


Core-structure, monetary assets, sandwich model, synergy... Are all words we would never use, because, we actually care about you and your project.

The beatpixels team has over 50 years of experience within the AV, entertainment and IT industries so even if our business card doesn't say consultant, we believe that we're able to help you.
Motion Graphics

Print, Web and Motion Graphics

To put it bluntly, we have the knack for graphics. Whether it's print, web or motion, we are capable of delivering the good stuff.

If you are interested in seeing some of the graphics we've done over the years hit that continue reading button to get to the gallery.